Website Development & Design Services

The Internet is full of potential business opportunities and a fully-developed and functional website is a key element in attracting potential customers and keeping them satisfied. It is important, when considering a website management firm, to keep their level of flexibility in mind. Would your business really benefit from a “one-size-fits-all” approach? Do your customers need constant updates and sales notifications to stay interested? As business owner and most knowledgeable about your company, are you more comfortable doing most of the site maintenance yourself?

SEO-Friendly Sites with Managed Hosting and Maintenance

While many companies might just provide the initial website design and slap it up, Geo Net Pages works with you beyond that original step. As web accessibility standards change, and your business changes, your website will require updates and maintenance in order to remain relevant to both SEO and your customers. Geo Net Pages works with you to consistently to provide your site the best functionality and user-friendliness it can offer – whether you’re completely confident in your web knowledge and website editing skills, or you would prefer our knowledgeable staff to perform site upkeep.

A Few Things GNP Can Help You With…

  • Registering new domain names
  • Transferring existing domain names
  • Website hosting and maintenance services
  • New website designs or upgrading current websites
  • Updating your website content – such as adding new photos or business information provided by you
What is a Website Audit?
Our Website Process

Localized SEO and Website Services