E-Commerce Websites

Sell Your Products From Your Website

As an online retailer, there are many opportunities and options for you to help promote your business and gain sales. Making your business relevant on the web requires many of the same tasks and items you may recognize from running any other business

  • You need a product to sell
  • You need a place to sell the product
  • You need a way to attract people to your site so they can view (and hopefully buy) your product
  • You need a way to accept & fulfill orders
  • You need a way to accept payment
  • You need a way handle returns
  • You need a way to track purchases and manage your inventory
and, lastly and perhaps most important, you need a client base and great customer service to keep that client base happy.

However, it’s important to recognize that there are some aspects that are unique to eCommerce. For example, products that need to be hand-sold or demonstrated wouldn’t do well in an online environment without the help of a video demonstration or physical sales representative present. Products that are difficult and/or expensive to ship, or that require an additional service prior to use may not be suited to eCommerce. In addition, since your products will be available to be viewed by anyone worldwide, you must be sure that your original concepts and intellectual property are only controlled by you.

Become an Online Retailer

eCommerce Store Setup and Management Services

When running an eCommerce store, you need to keep the well-being of both your business and your customers in mind. The ability to safely and security process transitions is paramount – your customers must be assured that their information isn’t accessible by anyone. You and your customers will also require a form or invoice to help process purchases – In order to do this, Geo Net Pages utilizes secure server services that will keep your customer’s login and payment information safe and that the information goes where it needs to go. eCommerce websites require constant monitoring and maintenance, and Geo Net Pages can provide this along with initial set-up, and continued further promotion.

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